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The Best Nonfiction for Beginning and Struggling Readers • All titles available as ebooks

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Red Foxes

Red foxes are known for being cunning. In this title, young readers will learn how these smart hunters survive in the forest biome. Low-level text and vibrant photos will teach readers about… More →

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Nile Crocodile vs. Hippopotamus

Two African hard hitters clash in the Nile! What would happen if a fierce Nile crocodile came face to face with a ferocious hippopotamus? This high-interest title introduces readers to the… More →

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Blue Jays

A bright bird perches on a leafy branch. It is a blue jay! These songbirds are popular for their colorful feathers and large size. In this title for young readers, simple text and crisp… More →

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Po-ta-to-chip! This is the unique call of the goldfinch, a tiny bird known for its bright yellow feathers. In this book for beginning readers, engaging text and colorful photos combine to… More →

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Too Cute!

Series of 18 titles

Spend time with some aww-dorable babies in this series for beginning readers! Simple, predictable text and cute, colorful photos support students just starting to read on their own. Readers… More →

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Baby Dogs

Puppies are full of fun! Beginning readers can learn about the lives of these adorable babies, from how they play to what they eat, in this fun title. Playful, easy-to-read text and colorful… More →

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Polar Bear vs. Walrus

Polar bears are the top predators of the Arctic. Walruses are mighty beasts with many defenses. In a fight, which one would come out on top? Readers of this high-interest title will learn… More →

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Scorpion vs. Tarantula

Scorpions and tarantulas may be small. But these two animals know how to fight! In this high-interest title, reluctant readers will learn about how these two creatures get ready to battle.… More →

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Belgian Horses

Standing up to 20 hands tall, Belgian horses dwarf many other breeds! With their huge muscles and strong legs, these excellent equines can work hard without breaking a sweat. Young readers… More →

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Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are one of the few species of sharks that can live in freshwater. Sometimes, they are found hundreds of miles from coasts! In this exciting title, young readers will learn about… More →

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Lizards are a great option for kids looking for a unique pet! This low-level title introduces beginning readers to the basic needs of these scaly pets through playful photos and simple text.… More →

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The Utahraptor is the official state dinosaur of Utah! This ferocious predator stomped across the earth during the Cretaceous Period. Readers of this high-interest text will learn all about… More →

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