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Spring 2024

Wild About Cats!

Series of 6 titles

Calling all cat fans! This series introduces readers to the world’s wild cats, including what they look like, their behaviors, and their conservation status. Features call out specific body parts, compare big cats to house cats, highlight favorite foods, profile the cats’ babies, and more. Readers who are wild about cats will enjoy this fun and informative series!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Cheetahs Cheetahs New! Spring 2024
Cover: Jaguars Jaguars New! Spring 2024
Cover: Leopards Leopards New! Spring 2024
Cover: Lions Lions New! Spring 2024
Cover: Mountain Lions Mountain Lions New! Spring 2024
Cover: Tigers Tigers New! Spring 2024
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 2
Category Leveled Readers, Nonfiction
Subject Animals, Blastoff! Readers Level 3
Copyright 2024
Publisher Bellwether Media
Imprint Blastoff! Readers
Blastoff! Readers Level 3
Language English
Publication Date 2024-01-01
Graphics Full-color photographs
Guided Reading Level N
Features Glossary of key words, Index, and Table of contents


SLJ Review of Wild About Cats!

This fact-filled series about big cats includes lots of interesting information for eager readers. Facts about the animals’ habitats, hunting habits, appearance, social grouping, speed, diet, and development are clearly presented. Each volume identifies the cat’s status on the world’s endangered scale, and almost all these beautiful creatures are identified as at least “vulnerable.” In all cases, the reason is habitat loss and hunting. The series includes great ­close-up color ­photos. As needed, labeled arrows point to cats’ specific features, clarifying information in the text. Additionally, each title includes a world map, with the cat’s range noted in red.

Of special interest in each volume, especially to cat owners/­lovers, is a side-by-side size diagram comparing the height at shoulder and length (without tail) of the big cat to those of a house cat in inches and centimeters. Various diagrams offer information about cats, including conservation status, populations in the wild, population trends, and lifespan. Back matter includes a glossary and an index, a bibliography, and resources for additional information.

VERDICT: Recommended for schools and public collections. Sensitive students may feel concerned about some hunting scenes, though they’re not gory.