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bellwether |ˈbelˌweT͟Hər|
The lead sheep of a flock, indicated by wearing a bell on its neck; one that takes initiative, leads others, and identifies future trends.

Bellwether’s beginnings

John Martin, founder of Bellwether, grew up in a family that valued literacy. His father was a professor, and his mother was a librarian. Always surrounded by books, he loved learning about dangerous animals and exotic places. He excelled in school and always searched for the next exciting thing to learn.

After college, John landed in the publishing industry. He fell in love with it and has since made it his life’s work. From proofreader to publisher, and many stepping stones in between, John carries more than 20 years of industry experience. In 2005, he founded his own company dedicated to improving literacy and lighting up the imaginations of children who require more excitement than the average reader.

Bellwether’s title list has grown from hundreds to thousands. Our books are found in libraries across the world: North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. Our staff has expanded and our readership has increased. A small drop in the pond of book publishers, our ripple is growing.

It takes a flock


Our editorial team elevates research to an artform as they peruse countless sources to find the most interesting material that will entice growing readers. Each member is skilled in research, writing, and editing specifically for beginning, struggling, and reluctant readers. They’ve got the linguistic chops to make the reading experience not only productive, but exciting as well.


What’s a quality children’s book without quality images? Our design team demonstrates impeccable artistic skills to locate detailed, eye-catching photography and creates colorfully stunning images and layouts that pop off the page whenever that book is cracked open. They want you to be proud to show off your Bellwether book, whether on a shelf or handing it to a friend.


Our marketing team uses everything at their disposal to get Bellwether books out into the world. When they’re not jetsetting to tradeshows and introducing customers to the hottest titles, they like to share the flock’s antics with you via any one of Bellwether’s social media outlets.

Customer Service

Our top-notch customer service team rounds out the flock, guiding you every step of the way through any questions you may have. They’re ready to take your calls and chat with you about anything from purchase orders to billing to title availability. And maybe they’ll even tell you which dogs are in the office that day!