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King Cobra vs. Mongoose

In the jungles of Southeast Asia, king cobras strike their foes with deadly bites. But mongooses are equipped with a secret weapon! This high-interest title introduces readers to the body… More →

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Tap! Tap! What’s that sound? It is a woodpecker looking for its next meal! In this low-level title, readers will learn about the adaptations that help woodpeckers thrive in their forest… More →

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Nile Crocodile vs. Hippopotamus

Two African hard hitters clash in the Nile! What would happen if a fierce Nile crocodile came face to face with a ferocious hippopotamus? This high-interest title introduces readers to the… More →

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A lynx creeps through a snowy forest. Its wide paws help it traverse the deep snow. This is one of many adaptations introduced in this title for young readers. Low-level text and vibrant… More →

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Giant Clams

At over 4 feet long, giant clams certainly live up to their name! In this title, readers will better understand these massive mollusks through leveled text and bright, colorful photos.… More →

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Dingo vs. Kangaroo

Australia’s territorial dingoes who rarely turn down a fight. But are they a match for the kicks and punches of kangaroos? This high-interest text weighs the advantages of these tough… More →

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Did you know that parrotfish poop sand? They make the sand in coral reefs around the world! Beginner readers will learn this and more incredible facts about parrotfish in this low-level… More →

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Archaeopteryx first lived around 150 million years ago. This flying dinosaur is related to today’s birds! Eye-catching illustrations and engaging hi/lo text draw readers into this title about More →

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Sea Horses

Sea horses are masters of disguise! These coral reef creatures can change colors to hide from the many predators that lurk near their homes. In this title, colorful images and leveled text… More →

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Brown Bats

Night falls, and brown bats take flight! These bats can eat their entire body weight in insects during a single night. In this low-level title, readers will explore how these bats are fit for More →

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Polar Bear vs. Walrus

Polar bears are the top predators of the Arctic. Walruses are mighty beasts with many defenses. In a fight, which one would come out on top? Readers of this high-interest title will learn… More →

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Red Foxes

Red foxes are known for being cunning. In this title, young readers will learn how these smart hunters survive in the forest biome. Low-level text and vibrant photos will teach readers about… More →

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