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Fall 2023

Who's Hoo? Owls!

Series of 6 titles

Who flies silently, can have a wingspan that ranges from just inches to over 6 feet, and has killer talons? Owls! This series introduces early readers to different species of owls. Each page includes leveled text that covers basic information about the owl’s behavior, hunting habits, and more. Eye-catching features provide visual reinforcement by highlighting wingspan, physical traits, common prey, and life stages. Brilliant photos keep readers engaged. Early readers will screech over these books!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Barn Owls Barn Owls New! Fall 2023
Cover: Burrowing Owls Burrowing Owls New! Fall 2023
Cover: Elf Owls Elf Owls New! Fall 2023
Cover: Great Gray Owls Great Gray Owls New! Fall 2023
Cover: Great Horned Owls Great Horned Owls New! Fall 2023
Cover: Spotted Owls Spotted Owls New! Fall 2023
Category Leveled Readers, Nonfiction
Subject Animals, Blastoff! Readers Level 2
Copyright 2024
Publisher Bellwether Media
Imprint Blastoff! Readers
Blastoff! Readers Level 2
Language English
Publication Date 2023-08-01
Dewey 598.9
Lexile 460-510
Guided Reading Level K


Educator Review of Who's Hoo? Owls!

In this series, the reader learns about specific owls around the world. The books tell about the special characteristics of each owl that help it to survive (talons, sharp beaks, etc.). The books discuss the features of the owls and the size of the owls, including a diagram of each owl’s wingspan and a diagram of each owl’s body. The books tell where each owl lives and includes a map of where the owls can be found. The numerous photographs of the owls in their natural habitats engage readers young and old! These non-fiction books include numerous non-fiction text features to support the reader in understanding the important facts in the book. Some non-fiction text features included in each book are engaging photographs, a table of contents, labels, headings, bold-faced words, a map, diagrams, a glossary, and an index. Check out these books to learn all about owls!