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Fall 2021

Global Ghost Stories

Series of 6 titles

Is that just a shadow? Or could it be something—or someone—else? This chilling series introduces reluctant readers to ghost stories from around the world. Leveled text provides the details for each tale, while eye-catching images bring them to life. Maps highlight the origin of each tale, while other features connect stories to other parts of the world and explore scientific explanations of paranormal phenomena. This startling series is sure to delight ghost lovers!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Ghosts in Africa Ghosts in Africa New! Fall 2021
Cover: Ghosts in Asia Ghosts in Asia New! Fall 2021
Cover: Ghosts in Australia Ghosts in Australia New! Fall 2021
Cover: Ghosts in Europe Ghosts in Europe New! Fall 2021
Cover: Ghosts in North America Ghosts in North America New! Fall 2021
Cover: Ghosts in South America Ghosts in South America New! Fall 2021
Category Hi-Lo, Nonfiction
Subject Paranormal
Copyright 2022
Publisher Bellwether Media
Imprint Epic
Language English
Publication Date 2021-08-01
Lexile 510-570