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Animals of the Desert

The desert is one of the most extreme biomes on Earth! Temperatures skyrocket as the sun rises and quickly plummet as it sets. These extremes have not stopped animals from making it their home. From roadrunners excreting salt to conserve water to bighorn sheep going days without a drop, this series explores the special ways animals of the desert have adapted to survive in this harsh biome.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Antelope Jackrabbits Antelope Jackrabbits 2.5
Cover: Bark Scorpions Bark Scorpions 2.5
Cover: Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep 2.6
Cover: Collared Lizards Collared Lizards 2.4
Cover: Desert Tortoises Desert Tortoises 2.6
Cover: Fennec Foxes Fennec Foxes 2.5
Cover: Roadrunners Roadrunners 2.4
Cover: Sand Cats Sand Cats 2.5
Cover: Sidewinders Sidewinders 2.5
Cover: Thorny Devils Thorny Devils 2.4

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