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Military Machines

The mission is on in these action-filled military adventures about planes, helicopters, and tanks. Reluctant readers will be drawn into this series as they learn all about the development, technology, and military use of these incredible machines.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: A-10 Thunderbolts A-10 Thunderbolts 4.0
Cover: AC-130H/U Gunships AC-130H/U Gunships 4.0
Cover: AH-1W Super Cobras AH-1W Super Cobras 4.5
Cover: AH-6 Little Birds AH-6 Little Birds 4.3
Cover: Arleigh Burke Destroyers Arleigh Burke Destroyers 3.8
Cover: AV-8B Harrier Jump Jets AV-8B Harrier Jump Jets 4.5
Cover: B-1B Lancers B-1B Lancers 4.9
Cover: B-52 Stratofortresses B-52 Stratofortresses 4.7
Cover: CH-46 Sea Knights CH-46 Sea Knights 4.7
Cover: EA-6B Prowlers EA-6B Prowlers 4.0
Cover: F-117A Nighthawks F-117A Nighthawks 4.3
Cover: F-14 Tomcats F-14 Tomcats 4.6
Cover: F-15 Eagles F-15 Eagles 4.2
Cover: F-22 Raptors F-22 Raptors 5.0
Cover: F-35 Lightning IIs F-35 Lightning IIs 4.3
Cover: F/A-18E/F Super Hornets F/A-18E/F Super Hornets 4.0
Cover: HH-60 Pave Hawk Helicopters HH-60 Pave Hawk Helicopters 4.8
Cover: Littoral Combat Ships Littoral Combat Ships 4.6
Cover: M109A6 Paladins M109A6 Paladins 3.7
Cover: M2A2 Bradleys M2A2 Bradleys 4.5
Cover: MH-53E Sea Dragons MH-53E Sea Dragons 4.3
Cover: MH-53J Pave Lows MH-53J Pave Lows 4.0
Cover: Nimitz Aircraft Carriers Nimitz Aircraft Carriers 4.9
Cover: Strykers Strykers 4.6

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