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Did you know that horses use their tails to swat flies off their bodies? Beginning readers will discover how horses act on the farm and how farmers use horses for work and play. More →

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A swimming stingray looks like its flying through the ocean! Its wide fins look like wings and help it glide. This book introduces children to the parts of a stingray, especially its stinging tail. More →

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Did you know that there is a seal bigger than a car? The elephant seal is the biggest kind of seal. This book teaches beginning readers about the many kinds of seals and how they live in… More →

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Clown Fish

The sea anemone and the clown fish are ocean friends. They live together and care for each other. Children will discover what a clown fish is and its special relationship with the sea anemone. More →

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Praying Mantises

These unique insects get their name from the position in which they hold their front legs together. These legs are also “preying” as they shoot out and grab insects for the mantis to eat.… More →

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Pigs often rest in mud puddles on the farm. Mud baths help them to stay cool. This book teaches children how pigs look, what pigs eat, and how pigs survive hot days. More →

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Honey Bees

Honey bees collect pollen and nectar from hundreds of flowers a day. This helps flowers spread pollen to each other to make new seeds. Discover how bees go back to their hives and use the… More →

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Cicadas are one of few insects that are easily recognizable simply by the sound they make. The male’s song can be heard in summer, when female cicadas are ready to lay eggs. Listen up and… More →

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Early in the morning, farmers wake up to milk their dairy cows. People need milk to make cheese and ice cream. Young readers will learn how cows live on the farm and give people milk. More →

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Wool keeps sheep warm on cool days. On winter days, wool sweaters keep people warm. Beginning readers will learn how a flock of wooly sheep lives. More →

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Sea Dragons

The mouths of sea dragons are long, narrow, and toothless. They work like straws. Beginning readers will enjoy learning about the different kinds of sea dragons, where sea dragons live, and… More →

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The hairiest animal on the farm might be the goat. Goats have long beards that hang below their chins! This book introduces children to how goats look and how they live on the farm. More →

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