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The Best Nonfiction for Beginning and Struggling Readers • All titles available as ebooks

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Sea Horses

Did you know that there is a fish with the head of a horse? This book introduces children to sea horses—how they look, use a snout to eat, hide on the ocean floor, and have babies. More →

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Sea Stars

Look for a sea star’s mouth in the middle of its body! Arms called rays surround its mouth. This book introduces children to the anatomy of a sea star and explains the unique way a sea star eats. More →

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Ants live on every landmass on Earth except Antarctica and certain small islands. Living together in colonies, each ant plays a part in keeping the colony running smoothly. Learn how these… More →

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Manatees are gigantic ocean creatures. They are an endangered species. In this book, beginning readers will learn how manatees look, move through water, and dig up plants for food. More →

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Spring brings new life and warmth to the world. Longer days and blooming flowers lead us into warmer days. Young readers will discover how animals, plants, and people change when spring is upon us! More →

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The fur on a bumblebee’s body helps it attract and gather pollen from flowers. Bumblebees gather pollen and nectar all day to bring back to their colony. Catch the buzz about how bumblebees… More →

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Wherever the ocean current takes them, jellyfish go. They are considered drifters. Follow jellyfish as they move underwater and discover why they are known for their sting! More →

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Sea Turtles

A sea turtle uses four flippers to move through the ocean water. Its flippers help it paddle, turn, and stop. Discover where sea turtles live, how they look, and all about baby sea turtles. More →

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Do you think you could spot a walkingstick on a tree branch? Walkingsticks are able to camouflage themselves so completely with their surroundings that some develop leaf-like veins on their… More →

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Series of 2 titles

What makes each season unique? This series explores the heat of the summer sun, the cold and snow of winter, the new blooms of spring, and the colorful leaves of fall. Students will learn the More →

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Cockroaches like to live in warm environments, which is why many live inside people’s homes. People don’t like this because cockroaches come out at night and eat their food! Learn about the… More →

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Did you know that octopuses are good escape artists? They can squirt dark ink into the water to surprise predators. Beginning readers will discover how octopuses use their eight arms to move, More →

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