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Sharks are known as nature’s fiercest ocean predators. Wherever they are, danger is lurking! This book introduces children to the characteristics and hunting methods of sharks. More →

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The teeth of parrotfish never stop growing. They look like a parrot’s beak! This book explores how colorful parrotfish swim, eat, and rest covered in slime. More →

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Termites live in colonies that are some of the most highly organized communities of insects in nature. There can be millions of termites in a colony, and each termite has a special job. Learn More →

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Sea Urchins

Sea urchins are prickly creatures. Sharp spines completely cover their bodies. Young readers will learn the parts of a sea urchin and how sea urchins move, eat, and stay safe. More →

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Did you know that wasps chew plants and wood to make a paste that hardens into paper? They use this paste to make the nests in which they live. Eager readers will learn how wasps help protect More →

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Ladybugs don’t have spots all their lives, and some never have spots. Not a plant-eating insect, ladybugs love to eat aphids and are often used to protect plants. Early readers will learn how More →

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Mosquitoes can move their wings 450 to 600 times per second! That is the buzzing sound you hear when a mosquito is nearby. This book explains how mosquitoes live, how they bite humans and… More →

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A lobster hides by day and hunts for food by night. It wears its skeleton on the outside of its body. Children will discover the physical characteristics of lobsters and how they thrive underwater. More →

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Tusks are long teeth that never stop growing. Walruses use tusks to pull themselves out of the water and onto ice. Young readers will learn how walruses look, act, and swim. More →

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Hopping, eating, and resting. That’s the life of a rabbit on the farm. This book introduces young readers to the physical characteristics and lifestyle of rabbits. More →

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With estimates between 5 and 8 million, beetles have more species than any other insect. Beetles can live in almost all habitats, using their strong jaws, legs, and other body parts to find… More →

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Farm Animals

Series of 8 titles

Take a trip to the farm! Hear turkeys gobble, watch ducks waddle, and see pigs roll around in the mud. This series helps young readers discover common farm animals, learning about their… More →

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