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The Best Nonfiction for Beginning and Struggling Readers • All titles available as ebooks

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Nile Crocodile vs. Hippopotamus

Two African hard hitters clash in the Nile! What would happen if a fierce Nile crocodile came face to face with a ferocious hippopotamus? This high-interest title introduces readers to the… More →

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From the mountains to the grasslands, coyotes are on the prowl! Through simple, predictable text and crisp images, beginning readers can learn about how these predators use their strong ears… More →

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A lynx creeps through a snowy forest. Its wide paws help it traverse the deep snow. This is one of many adaptations introduced in this title for young readers. Low-level text and vibrant… More →

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The nasutoceratops was an eye-catching dinosaur. It had two long horns and a large frill! In this book for young readers, vivid illustrations and engaging text take readers on a journey 75… More →

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Too Cute!

Series of 18 titles

Spend time with some aww-dorable babies in this series for beginning readers! Simple, predictable text and cute, colorful photos support students just starting to read on their own. Readers… More →

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Dingo vs. Kangaroo

Australia’s territorial dingoes who rarely turn down a fight. But are they a match for the kicks and punches of kangaroos? This high-interest text weighs the advantages of these tough… More →

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Baby Cats

Kittens are some of the cutest animals around! These mischievous babies chase string, climb curtains, and steal hearts! This title for students just starting to read independently introduces… More →

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Archaeopteryx first lived around 150 million years ago. This flying dinosaur is related to today’s birds! Eye-catching illustrations and engaging hi/lo text draw readers into this title about More →

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Baby Rabbits

Hop on over and learn about the lives of baby rabbits! Readers just starting out can grow along with rabbit kits and learn about their lives, from their time in the nest to when they head out More →

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The giganotosaurus was a fierce dinosaur. Its sharp, knife-like teeth easily tore apart prey! In this exciting title, eye-catching illustrations and engaging text combine to introduce the… More →

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Who is asleep in that den? It’s a bear! Readers just starting out can learn about these furry forest animals, from their diet to their body parts, through easy-to-read text and bright photos. More →

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Pee-yew! Skunks are famous for their stinky defense. But what else makes them special? Beginning readers can learn about the diets and lives of these furry neighbors in this low-level… More →

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