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Fall 2022

Lizard or Salamander?

Who is climbing that tree? Could it be a salamander? Or is it a lizard? This title guides readers through the different traits of each animal with simple text and crisp, vibrant pictures. The More →

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Ribbit! Who made that noise? A frog! In this beginning title, young readers are introduced to the busy lives of these common animals through easy-to-read text and crisp photos. Diagrams label More →

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Baby Foxes

From wrestling with brothers and sisters to following mom on the hunt, fox pups are busy babies! Young readers can learn about the lives of these playful pups, from what they eat to how they… More →

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Bobcat or Lynx?

Look at that bobcat hiding among the trees! Or is that a lynx? In this book, readers will learn about the differences between bobcats and lynx through leveled text and vibrant images. A… More →

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Baby Ducks

Fuzzy ducklings follow mom to find food, water, and safe places to sleep! This beginning title highlights the activities of baby ducks as they learn to swim and find food on their own. Simple More →

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Bison or Buffalo?

Is that big mammal walking through the plains a buffalo or a bison? This title will introduce young readers to the similarities and differences between these two gentle giants. With leveled… More →

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Baby Koalas

Koala joeys spend the first six months of their lives in their mother’s pouch! In this adorable title, beginning readers can learn about these bean-sized babies through easy-to-read text and… More →

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Orangutans are under threat from deforestation and climate change. How can people help? Through leveled text and crisp photos, this title tells readers about the threats that orangutans face… More →

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Polar Bears

Polar bears are Arctic survivors! But climate change and human activity put the bears in jeopardy. This title introduces the threats that polar bears face and how humans can help their… More →

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Giant Otter vs. Caiman

In the Amazon Basin, many animals hunt fish for every meal. Sometimes, this shared diet leads to a battle! Giant otters are speedy predators, but are they a match for powerful caimans? This… More →

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Baby Giraffes

Newborn giraffe calves stand over 6 feet tall! This beginning title introduces these gangly babies through short, clear sentences and delightful photos. Simple features show different life… More →

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Badgers spend a lot of time digging! This title for beginning readers explores how these creatures dig to find food and build homes. Easy-to-read text introduces the animal’s body parts and… More →

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