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Blue Jays

A bright bird perches on a leafy branch. It is a blue jay! These songbirds are popular for their colorful feathers and large size. In this title for young readers, simple text and crisp… More →

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Po-ta-to-chip! This is the unique call of the goldfinch, a tiny bird known for its bright yellow feathers. In this book for beginning readers, engaging text and colorful photos combine to… More →

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Chickadees are small songbirds with big voices! Their chickadee-dee-dee calls are heard in forests and yards throughout North America. This title introduces readers to the birds’ homes and… More →

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Wake up! Robins are early birds that love to sing. Their calls are often heard early in the morning. They are also a common sign of spring! In this title about robins, beginning readers will… More →

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Cardinals are eye-catching birds! But did you know that only male cardinals have the birds’ famous red feathers? Readers will learn this and more in this engaging title for beginning readers. More →

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Baby Horses

From their gangly legs to their playful bucking, horse foals are just too cute! Beginning readers can learn about the lives of these babies through easy-to-read text and adorable photos.… More →

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Baby Cats

Kittens are some of the cutest animals around! These mischievous babies chase string, climb curtains, and steal hearts! This title for students just starting to read independently introduces… More →

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Baby Penguins

Covered in fuzzy down, penguin chicks are adorable! In this title, beginning readers will learn how penguin parents care for their fluffy babies, from feeding them to keeping them warm.… More →

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Orioles are eye-catching songbirds! These backyard birds are known for their colorful feathers and impressive hanging nests. This title introduces beginning readers to the lives of these… More →

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With their bright colors and excellent camouflage, angelfish have adapted well to their home in the coral reef! In this title, vibrant images display these colorful fish, while the text… More →

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Baby Rabbits

Hop on over and learn about the lives of baby rabbits! Readers just starting out can grow along with rabbit kits and learn about their lives, from their time in the nest to when they head out More →

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Baby Dogs

Puppies are full of fun! Beginning readers can learn about the lives of these adorable babies, from how they play to what they eat, in this fun title. Playful, easy-to-read text and colorful… More →

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