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Pop, pop, pop! That's the sound of popcorn! In this low-level title readers will learn about the history of popcorn, what makes it pop, and how it is eaten today. Features such as a timeline, More →

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Doughnuts are an all-time favorite treat! This low-level title teaches young readers how this sweet treat came to be, from its beginnings in the Netherlands to the maritime origin of its… More →

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Fire up the grill! From their origins in Germany to today, hamburgers have gone through a lot of changes. This low-level title uses engaging text and visuals to teach young readers how this… More →

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches make the perfect easy meal! In this low-level title, young readers will learn about the various ways grilled cheese sandwiches are eaten around the world. A timeline More →

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Ice Cream

Do you scream for ice cream? This frozen treat is a favorite dessert around the world! In this low-level title, readers can learn about how ice cream has changed throughout history, how it… More →

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What do you like on your pizza? From pepperoni to fried eggs, just about anything can be a topping! Readers can get the deep-dish on this popular meal, from preparation to history, and get a… More →

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Our Favorite Foods

Series of 10 titles

From helping us celebrate to comforting us when we’re down, food holds a special place in many people’s lives. This high-interest series digs into the history behind popular foods, as well as More →

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Sold in trucks, restaurants, and markets around the world, tacos have extended far past their Mexican beginnings. Young readers can learn about the history of tacos, from their mining origins More →

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing beats the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. This title takes readers through the creation of this delicious dessert, how it gained popularity, and the… More →

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French Fries

It’s no secret that crispy golden french fries are a perfect side for a burger or a hot dog. But their beginning is a bit more mysterious. This title examines the uncertain origins of this… More →

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Macaroni & Cheese

From thick Southern casseroles to the familiar blue box, macaroni and cheese is a comfort food for many. This low-level title takes readers through the history of this favorite food, and how… More →

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Alien Invasion

We have all wondered about the possibility of intelligent life visiting Earth. But what if their intentions were to take over? With superior intelligence and weapons, humans may not stand a… More →

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