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Animals in My Yard

What animals do you see out your window? This series for beginning readers introduces these critters through simple, predictable text. Features including labeled diagrams and food graphics reinforce content while bright, colorful photos aid in comprehension and keep readers engaged. Get ready to explore the animals in your yard with this fun series!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Armadillos Armadillos
Cover: Badgers Badgers 1.0
Cover: Bats Bats
Cover: Bears Bears 0.7
Cover: Chipmunks Chipmunks 1.0
Cover: Coyotes Coyotes 1.1
Cover: Deer Deer 0.8
Cover: Eagles Eagles 1.0
Cover: Foxes Foxes 0.8
Cover: Frogs Frogs 0.8
Cover: Owls Owls 0.9
Cover: Porcupines Porcupines
Cover: Rabbits Rabbits 0.8
Cover: Raccoons Raccoons 1.0
Cover: Skunks Skunks 1.1
Cover: Snakes Snakes
Cover: Squirrels Squirrels 1.0
Cover: Weasels Weasels 1.0

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