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Cutting-edge Technology

Cover: Cutting Edge Technology
    These well-crafted books take a deep dive into innovative technologies such as nanotechnology, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and drones, exploring how they work and their histories and future uses. These often complicated topics are effectively distilled into readable, engaging text with only a few sentences per page, written at a second grade reading level. Abundant quality text features, including bold words, photographs with labels, diagrams, and timelines, also help readers comprehend complex concepts. A pros and cons chart in each book discusses the real-world implications of emerging technologies. Attractive, machinery-inspired graphics accompany photographs of the different technologies and those who use them. VERDICT Providing an entertaining and easy-to-understand look at new technologies, this series is a must-have for elementary and middle school libraries in need of STEM-oriented hi-lo titles.

—Betsy Rathburn

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