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Cover: Monorails

Train-crazy kids will appreciate this offering from the Blast Off! Readers: Amazing Trains series, which showcases the monorail. As a level 1 reader, this book uses only two sentences per double-page spread, excluding headings, and a large font size to support newly independent readers; similarly, the limited vocabulary and repetition will help them strengthen language skills. Sleek monorail trains zip along tracks in crisp, colorful photo illustrations that take up most of each spread. They glide using electricity, hover via magnets, and even dangle beneath some tracks. The text describes them as city and touring trains, and points out their prevalence at airports, zoos , and amusement parks, with a graphic showing the height of Disney World’s monorail system to wow little ones. A picture glossary rounds out this appealing title.

—Christina Leighton

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