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The Best Nonfiction For Beginning And Reluctant Readers

Kari Schuetz


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Cape Buffalo and Oxpeckers Cape Buffalo and Oxpeckers 2.9
Cover: Clownfish and Sea Anemones Clownfish and Sea Anemones 3.0
Cover: Goby Fish and Snapping Shrimp Goby Fish and Snapping Shrimp 3.0
Cover: Nile Crocodiles and Egyptian Plovers Nile Crocodiles and Egyptian Plovers 3.1
Cover: Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and Pilot Fish Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and Pilot Fish 3.0
Cover: Warthogs and Banded Mongooses Warthogs and Banded Mongooses 3.2
Cover: Arctic Tern Migration Arctic Tern Migration 2.9
Cover: Caribou Migration Caribou Migration 3.0
Cover: Christmas Island Red Crab Migration Christmas Island Red Crab Migration 2.8
Cover: Humpback Whale Migration Humpback Whale Migration 2.7
Cover: Leatherback Sea Turtle Migration Leatherback Sea Turtle Migration 2.6
Cover: Monarch Butterfly Migration Monarch Butterfly Migration 2.9
Cover: Salmon Migration Salmon Migration 2.9
Cover: Wildebeest Migration Wildebeest Migration 3.0
Cover: Chickens Chickens 1.5
Cover: Cows Cows 1.4
Cover: Ducks Ducks 1.5
Cover: Turkeys Turkeys 1.7
Cover: Bodie: The Gold-mining Ghost Town Bodie: The Gold-mining Ghost Town 3.9
Cover: Roanoke: The Lost Colony Roanoke: The Lost Colony 3.8
Cover: Pugs Pugs 2.3
Cover: Shih Tzus Shih Tzus 2.4
Cover: Bottlenose Dolphins Bottlenose Dolphins 2.8
Cover: Clownfish Clownfish 2.7
Cover: Sea Turtles Sea Turtles 2.6
Cover: Walruses Walruses 2.8
Cover: Life in a Coral Reef Life in a Coral Reef 2.9
Cover: Life in a Desert Life in a Desert 2.7
Cover: Life in a Tropical Rain Forest Life in a Tropical Rain Forest 2.6
Cover: Life in a Tundra Life in a Tundra 2.7
Cover: Centipedes Centipedes 1.9
Cover: Charles Schulz Charles Schulz 4.2
Cover: Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss 3.9
Cover: Fire Ants Fire Ants 1.7
Cover: Hissing Cockroaches Hissing Cockroaches 1.9
Cover: Mealworms Mealworms 1.7
Cover: Millipedes Millipedes 1.8
Cover: Scorpions Scorpions 1.9
Cover: Tarantulas Tarantulas 1.9
Cover: Termites Termites 1.5
Cover: Chameleons Chameleons 1.9
Cover: Groundhogs Groundhogs 1.6
Cover: Hawks Hawks 1.7
Cover: Mice Mice 1.5
Cover: Baby Bears Baby Bears 1.3
Cover: Baby Cows Baby Cows 1.3
Cover: Baby Dogs Baby Dogs 1.1
Cover: Baby Goats Baby Goats 1.0
Cover: Baby Monkeys Baby Monkeys 1.2
Cover: Baby Penguins Baby Penguins 1.2
Cover: Baby Sloths Baby Sloths 1.7
Cover: Hedgehogs Hedgehogs 1.6
Cover: Kangaroos Kangaroos 1.5
Cover: Lemurs Lemurs 1.6
Cover: Ostriches Ostriches 1.9
Cover: Amphibians Amphibians 3.1
Cover: Birds Birds 2.7
Cover: Fish Fish 3.0
Cover: Insects Insects 3.0
Cover: Mammals Mammals 3.0
Cover: Reptiles Reptiles 3.2
Cover: Bats Bats 1.6
Cover: Eagles Eagles 1.9
Cover: Hyenas Hyenas 1.9
Cover: Meerkats Meerkats 1.7
Cover: Portugal Portugal 5.1
Cover: Rhinoceroses Rhinoceroses 1.7
Cover: Toads Toads 1.7
Cover: Venezuela Venezuela 5.0
Cover: African Elephants African Elephants 1.8
Cover: Argentina Argentina 4.6
Cover: Armadillos Armadillos 1.8
Cover: Giant Pandas Giant Pandas 1.9
Cover: Giraffes Giraffes 1.7
Cover: Guatemala Guatemala 4.5
Cover: Hippopotamuses Hippopotamuses 1.5
Cover: Koalas Koalas 1.4
Cover: Owls Owls 1.6
Cover: Polar Bears Polar Bears 1.7
Cover: Woodpeckers Woodpeckers 1.7
Cover: Karate Karate 4.6
Cover: Caring for Your Fish Caring for Your Fish 3.9