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The Best Nonfiction For Beginning And Reluctant Readers

Chris Bowman


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Belgium Belgium Spring 2020
Cover: El Salvador El Salvador Spring 2020
Cover: Chile Chile Spring 2020
Cover: Norway Norway Spring 2020
Cover: Akitas Akitas Fall 2019 2.1
Cover: Bloodhounds Bloodhounds Fall 2019 2.3
Cover: Chinese Shar-pei Chinese Shar-pei Fall 2019 2.3
Cover: German Shorthaired Pointers German Shorthaired Pointers Fall 2019 2.4
Cover: The Betty & Barney Hill Alien Abduction The Betty & Barney Hill Alien Abduction Fall 2019 3.6
Cover: Flight 19: Lost in the Bermuda Triangle Flight 19: Lost in the Bermuda Triangle Fall 2019 4.2
Cover: The Mothman Sightings The Mothman Sightings Fall 2019 3.7
Cover: Bridges Bridges 2.4
Cover: Dams Dams 2.5
Cover: Highways Highways 2.3
Cover: Roller Coasters Roller Coasters 2.4
Cover: Skyscrapers Skyscrapers 2.6
Cover: Stadiums Stadiums 2.5
Cover: Ambulances Ambulances 2.4
Cover: Construction Workers Construction Workers 1.8
Cover: Firefighters Firefighters 1.6
Cover: Motorcycles Motorcycles 2.4
Cover: Pickup Trucks Pickup Trucks 2.5
Cover: Race Cars Race Cars 2.3
Cover: Dav Pilkey Dav Pilkey 3.9
Cover: Gordon Korman Gordon Korman 4.2
Cover: Mary Pope Osborne Mary Pope Osborne 4.2
Cover: Nikki Grimes Nikki Grimes 4.0
Cover: Backhoes Backhoes 2.0
Cover: Bulldozers Bulldozers 2.2
Cover: Chris Van Allsburg Chris Van Allsburg 3.7
Cover: Christopher Paul Curtis Christopher Paul Curtis 3.7
Cover: Cranes Cranes 2.3
Cover: Fire Trucks Fire Trucks 2.0
Cover: Lemony Snicket Lemony Snicket 3.8
Cover: Monster Trucks Monster Trucks 2.0
Cover: R.L. Stine R.L. Stine 3.6
Cover: Trains Trains 1.9
Cover: Survive a Blizzard Survive a Blizzard 3.4
Cover: Survive a Tornado Survive a Tornado 3.8
Cover: Survive in the Mountains Survive in the Mountains 3.7
Cover: Survive in the Woods Survive in the Woods 3.4
Cover: Rally Car Racing Rally Car Racing 3.1
Cover: Vert Skateboarding Vert Skateboarding 3.1
Cover: Eastern Chipmunks Eastern Chipmunks 2.7
Cover: Great Danes Great Danes 2.3
Cover: Lois Lowry Lois Lowry 3.9
Cover: Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak 3.9
Cover: Red Squirrels Red Squirrels 2.7
Cover: Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Ruby-throated Hummingbirds 2.9
Cover: Siberian Huskies Siberian Huskies 2.3
Cover: Striped Skunks Striped Skunks 2.7
Cover: Coyotes Coyotes 2.8
Cover: German Shepherds German Shepherds 2.3
Cover: Golden Retrievers Golden Retrievers 2.4
Cover: J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling 4.2
Cover: Judy Blume Judy Blume 4.1
Cover: Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retrievers 2.4
Cover: Raccoons Raccoons 2.6
Cover: Shel Silverstein Shel Silverstein 3.9
Cover: American Bison American Bison 2.6
Cover: Bald Eagles Bald Eagles 2.7
Cover: Iguanas Iguanas 1.8
Cover: Parrots Parrots 1.8
Cover: Pronghorn Pronghorn 3.0
Cover: Tree Frogs Tree Frogs 1.6
Cover: White-tailed Deer White-tailed Deer 2.7
Cover: Wildebeests Wildebeests 1.9
Cover: The Attack on Pearl Harbor The Attack on Pearl Harbor 3.8
Cover: The Hindenburg Disaster The Hindenburg Disaster 3.3
Cover: Animal Control Officer Animal Control Officer 4.0
Cover: Firefighter Firefighter 4.0
Cover: Gaboon Vipers Gaboon Vipers 3.2
Cover: Inland Taipans Inland Taipans 3.1
Cover: Oil Field Worker Oil Field Worker 3.8
Cover: Police Officer Police Officer 4.1
Cover: Rainbow Boas Rainbow Boas 3.3
Cover: Ski Patroller Ski Patroller 3.9
Cover: Special Forces Operator Special Forces Operator 4.2
Cover: Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes 3.1
Cover: Fossils Fossils 2.9
Cover: Minerals Minerals 3.2
Cover: Rocks Rocks 2.9
Cover: Soil Soil 2.5
Cover: Monster Airplanes Monster Airplanes 1.8
Cover: Monster Bulldozers Monster Bulldozers 1.9
Cover: Monster Ships Monster Ships 1.9
Cover: Monster Tractors Monster Tractors 1.6