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The Best Nonfiction For Beginning And Reluctant Readers

Christina Leaf


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Ice Cream Ice Cream Spring 2020
Cover: Macaroni & Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Spring 2020
Cover: Kolmanskop: The Diamond Mine Ghost Town Kolmanskop: The Diamond Mine Ghost Town Spring 2020
Cover: Six Flags New Orleans: The Ruined Theme Park Six Flags New Orleans: The Ruined Theme Park Spring 2020
Cover: Alligator or Crocodile? Alligator or Crocodile? Fall 2019 1.9
Cover: Butterfly or Moth? Butterfly or Moth? Fall 2019 2.0
Cover: Llama or Alpaca? Llama or Alpaca? Fall 2019 1.9
Cover: Rabbit or Hare? Rabbit or Hare? Fall 2019 1.4
Cover: Argentina Argentina Fall 2019 5.0
Cover: Denmark Denmark Fall 2019 5.1
Cover: Greece Greece Fall 2019 5.0
Cover: Indonesia Indonesia Fall 2019 4.9
Cover: Michelle Obama: Health Advocate Michelle Obama: Health Advocate 2.4
Cover: Rachel Carson: Environmentalist Rachel Carson: Environmentalist 2.6
Cover: Zaha Hadid: Architect Zaha Hadid: Architect 2.6
Cover: Blue Animals Blue Animals 1.8
Cover: Garbage Collectors Garbage Collectors 2.0
Cover: Green Animals Green Animals 1.7
Cover: Mechanics Mechanics 1.7
Cover: Orange Animals Orange Animals 1.9
Cover: Red Animals Red Animals 1.4
Cover: White Animals White Animals 1.8
Cover: Yellow Animals Yellow Animals 1.9
Cover: Doctors Doctors 1.9
Cover: Mail Carriers Mail Carriers 1.8
Cover: Nurses Nurses 1.7
Cover: Police Officers Police Officers 1.7
Cover: Teachers Teachers 1.7
Cover: Veterinarians Veterinarians 2.0
Cover: Machu Picchu: The Lost Civilization Machu Picchu: The Lost Civilization 4.0
Cover: Butterflies Butterflies 1.9
Cover: Cicadas Cicadas 1.8
Cover: Damselflies Damselflies 1.9
Cover: Fireflies Fireflies 1.8
Cover: Honeybees Honeybees 1.8
Cover: Ladybugs Ladybugs 1.7
Cover: Boston Terriers Boston Terriers 2.4
Cover: Shetland Sheepdogs Shetland Sheepdogs 2.3
Cover: Humpback Whales Humpback Whales 2.7
Cover: Jellyfish Jellyfish 2.7
Cover: Octopuses Octopuses 2.7
Cover: Sea Horses Sea Horses 2.7
Cover: Devon Rexes Devon Rexes 2.4
Cover: Kate DiCamillo Kate DiCamillo 3.8
Cover: Manx Manx 2.4
Cover: Rick Riordan Rick Riordan 4.2
Cover: Scottish Folds Scottish Folds 2.5
Cover: American Shorthairs American Shorthairs 2.4
Cover: Birmans Birmans 2.1
Cover: Brown Bats Brown Bats 2.3
Cover: Jeff Kinney Jeff Kinney 4.1
Cover: Laura Ingalls Wilder Laura Ingalls Wilder 4.0
Cover: Porcupines Porcupines 2.6
Cover: Roald Dahl Roald Dahl 4.0
Cover: Baby Cheetahs Baby Cheetahs 1.6
Cover: Baby Elephants Baby Elephants 1.4
Cover: Baby Gorillas Baby Gorillas 1.5
Cover: Baby Orangutans Baby Orangutans 1.5
Cover: Baby Owls Baby Owls 1.3
Cover: Baby Tigers Baby Tigers 1.4
Cover: Gray Squirrels Gray Squirrels 2.8
Cover: Gray Wolves Gray Wolves 2.7
Cover: Great Horned Owls Great Horned Owls 2.9
Cover: Jackrabbits Jackrabbits 2.7
Cover: Baby Ducks Baby Ducks 1.3
Cover: Baby Lions Baby Lions 1.4
Cover: Baby Pigs Baby Pigs 1.3
Cover: Baby Sea Otters Baby Sea Otters 1.1
Cover: Baby Seals Baby Seals 1.2
Cover: Baby Sheep Baby Sheep 1.2
Cover: Anglerfish Anglerfish 4.7
Cover: Narwhal Narwhal 4.9
Cover: Platypus Platypus 4.6
Cover: Tarsier Tarsier 4.9
Cover: New Mexico New Mexico 4.5