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The Best Nonfiction For Beginning And Reluctant Readers

Megan Borgert-Spaniol


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Canada Lynx Canada Lynx 3.0
Cover: Caribou Caribou 3.0
Cover: Mountain Goats Mountain Goats 2.8
Cover: Northern Cardinals Northern Cardinals 2.7
Cover: Baby Raccoons Baby Raccoons 1.7
Cover: Baby Rhinos Baby Rhinos 1.6
Cover: Baby Skunks Baby Skunks 1.7
Cover: Baby Zebras Baby Zebras 1.5
Cover: American Alligators American Alligators 2.7
Cover: American Robins American Robins 2.6
Cover: Baby Camels Baby Camels 1.5
Cover: Baby Chickens Baby Chickens 1.4
Cover: Baby Kangaroos Baby Kangaroos 1.5
Cover: Baby Turtles Baby Turtles 1.6
Cover: Canada Geese Canada Geese 2.7
Cover: Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs 2.9
Cover: Black Widow Spiders Black Widow Spiders 1.9
Cover: Praying Mantises Praying Mantises 1.9
Cover: Slugs Slugs 1.9
Cover: Ticks Ticks 1.9
Cover: American Beavers American Beavers 2.7
Cover: Baby Foxes Baby Foxes 1.3
Cover: Baby Giraffes Baby Giraffes 1.5
Cover: Baby Hedgehogs Baby Hedgehogs 1.5
Cover: Baby Hippos Baby Hippos 1.8
Cover: Baby Koalas Baby Koalas 1.4
Cover: Baby Squirrels Baby Squirrels 1.6
Cover: Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep 2.4
Cover: Cranes Cranes 1.7
Cover: Moose Moose 2.3
Cover: Nine-banded Armadillos Nine-banded Armadillos 2.8
Cover: Platypuses Platypuses 1.5
Cover: Red Pandas Red Pandas 1.7
Cover: Sloths Sloths 1.8
Cover: Black Bears Black Bears 2.7
Cover: Grizzly Bears Grizzly Bears 3.0
Cover: Red Foxes Red Foxes 2.4
Cover: Red-tailed Hawks Red-tailed Hawks 2.8
Cover: Cape Buffalo Cape Buffalo 1.7
Cover: Flamingos Flamingos 1.7
Cover: Komodo Dragons Komodo Dragons 1.9
Cover: Snow Leopards Snow Leopards 1.7
Cover: Bobcats Bobcats 1.6
Cover: Crocodiles Crocodiles 1.7
Cover: Finland Finland 4.7
Cover: Hummingbirds Hummingbirds 1.6
Cover: Roadrunners Roadrunners 1.7
Cover: Spider Monkeys Spider Monkeys 1.8
Cover: Toucans Toucans 1.5
Cover: Ukraine Ukraine 4.8
Cover: Aardvarks Aardvarks 1.8
Cover: Capybaras Capybaras 1.6
Cover: Earthworms Earthworms 1.8
Cover: Jackals Jackals 1.5
Cover: Mongooses Mongooses 1.5
Cover: Orangutans Orangutans 1.6
Cover: Peacocks Peacocks 1.7
Cover: Spiders Spiders 1.6
Cover: Wolverines Wolverines 1.8
Cover: Baboons Baboons 1.8
Cover: Gazelles Gazelles 1.7
Cover: Leopards Leopards 1.4
Cover: Warthogs Warthogs 1.8
Cover: The Sand Tiger Shark The Sand Tiger Shark 4.8
Cover: The Whale Shark The Whale Shark 5.0
Cover: Anteaters Anteaters 1.8
Cover: Camels Camels 1.9
Cover: Cheetahs Cheetahs 1.8
Cover: Dairy Group Dairy Group 2.6
Cover: Fruit Group Fruit Group 2.5
Cover: Geese Geese 1.6
Cover: Grains Group Grains Group 2.4
Cover: Healthy Eating Healthy Eating 2.6
Cover: Keeping Fit Keeping Fit
Cover: Protein Foods Group Protein Foods Group 2.4
Cover: Salamanders Salamanders 1.6
Cover: Vegetable Group Vegetable Group 2.7
Cover: Weasels Weasels 1.9