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The Best Nonfiction For Beginning And Reluctant Readers

Patrick Perish


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Crystals Crystals Fall 2019 4.3
Cover: Fossils Fossils Fall 2019 4.8
Cover: Gemstones Gemstones Fall 2019 4.6
Cover: Bark Scorpions Bark Scorpions 2.5
Cover: Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep 2.6
Cover: Collared Lizards Collared Lizards 2.4
Cover: Fennec Foxes Fennec Foxes 2.5
Cover: Roadrunners Roadrunners 2.4
Cover: Sidewinders Sidewinders 2.5
Cover: Bumblebees Bumblebees 1.6
Cover: Cockroaches Cockroaches 2.0
Cover: Crickets Crickets 1.7
Cover: Walkingsticks Walkingsticks 1.8
Cover: Milkweed Bugs Milkweed Bugs 1.7
Cover: Mosquitoes Mosquitoes 1.9
Cover: Moths Moths 1.8
Cover: Termites Termites 1.7
Cover: Ants Ants 1.5
Cover: Aphids Aphids 2.1
Cover: Dragonflies Dragonflies 1.9
Cover: Earwigs Earwigs 1.7
Cover: Grasshoppers Grasshoppers 1.8
Cover: Wasps Wasps 1.6
Cover: Survive a Fire Survive a Fire 3.7
Cover: Survive a Plane Crash Survive a Plane Crash 4.0
Cover: Survive an Avalanche Survive an Avalanche 4.0
Cover: Survive an Earthquake Survive an Earthquake 3.8
Cover: Survive a Flood Survive a Flood 3.7
Cover: Survive a Hurricane Survive a Hurricane 3.8
Cover: Survive a Tsunami Survive a Tsunami 3.9
Cover: Survive on a Desert Island Survive on a Desert Island 3.6
Cover: Animal Trainer Animal Trainer 3.7
Cover: Skyscraper Builder Skyscraper Builder 3.9
Cover: SWAT Team Member SWAT Team Member 3.9
Cover: Wilderness Rescue Pilot Wilderness Rescue Pilot 3.6
Cover: Disgusting Animals Disgusting Animals 2.7
Cover: Disgusting Bodily Functions Disgusting Bodily Functions 2.9
Cover: Disgusting Bugs Disgusting Bugs 2.6
Cover: Disgusting Foods Disgusting Foods 2.9
Cover: Disgusting Jobs Disgusting Jobs 3.1
Cover: Disgusting Plants Disgusting Plants 2.8
Cover: Idaho Idaho 4.5
Cover: Kentucky Kentucky 4.5
Cover: Maine Maine 4.6
Cover: Maryland Maryland 4.4
Cover: Nebraska Nebraska 4.5
Cover: South Dakota South Dakota 4.5